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Contest Time! (1 Entry!)

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2014, 8:26 PM

It's been a long, long time since I held a contest.  And what better time to do it than as we're heading in to Winter!

The Theme:

Sun Celebrating Summer Sun 

Deadline: January 1, 2015 12:00AM US-EST (-5 GMT)
(That's 5:00AM GMT!)

Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose

So, for many of us in the northern hemisphere, it's cold.  I say forget you, autumn and winter!  It's time to start thinking of beaches, sunny days, and other things which aren't winter.  ...Right?  Who cares if it's the wrong time of year!

The task at hand:

Draw one (or more) of the following characters in the summer.  This could be at the beach, or stargazing, or camping, or whatever!
You can include other characters from their world, of course.

If you really want, you can also include your own original characters -- but please, be sure to feature at least one of the characters below!

Even though the characters come from a fantasy world, please feel free to change up the setting!

If you need some ideas to get started, here's some information you might find useful:

:bulletred: Keiji doesn't really care about what season it is.  He's the type of guy who'll go out on hikes and enjoy the wilderness if he can.  You can find him out on clear nights stargazing.  He's the most likely to play with small children.
Keiji by kabocha

:bulletorange: Yuki loves summer.  For her, it means being outside in the sun, warm days, and just plain ol' fun.  She's been to the beach a few times, and finds it more fun to play pranks on people with her illusion magic.  She's the most likely to play in a fountain!
Yuki by kabocha

:bulletyellow: Fox hates the heat, and would rather be inside with his books, in the shade.  Spoilsport.  He's prone to sunburn easily, though he's up for a good swim if he can get away with it.  He's the most likely to fall asleep outside with a book.
Fox by kabocha

:bulletgreen: Aster greatly prefers cold weather.  Even so, she enjoys going out and doing things like watching the lightning bugs with her sister, Kei.  She cannot swim, and is afraid of deep water!  She's the most likely to cook all the food for a picnic.
Aster by kabocha

:bulletblue:  Doran finds summertime to be pretty much the same as any other time of year.  He'd love to spend his time with Aster (and maybe some other ladies), if they'd just stick around...  He would find getting into a splash fight to be quite ungentlemanly.  He's the most likely to get dunked at the beach.
Doran by kabocha

:bulletpurple: Mara enjoys relaxing during the summer.  She doesn't like bugs, being in the grass, or humidity, but other than that, summer's great!  She enjoys bonfires on summer nights, when she can share scary stories with people.  She's the most likely to have a first-aid kit on hand.
Mara by kabocha

Got a question on a character?  Please feel free to ask!

Be sure to click on their chibis for a bit more information and additional reference images!

Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose


Bullet; Pink No Tracing / Bases, please!
Bullet; Red Please maintain (at most) a PG-13 rating with your submission!
Bullet; Orange Creativity is encouraged!  Ask questions if you need!

Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose


Upload your piece to dA!  Once you're ready to go, just leave a comment on this journal or send me a note with a link to your piece!

Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose


1. Accept the puddle. by Jazeki by :iconjazeki: Jazeki

Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose

Judging + Prizes

There's gonna be 3 people chosen from the entries as our top three!  These three will be decided by poll after the contest ends.


First Place: Two digital single-character fullbody requests and 636:points:/3-month premium dA subscription

Second Place: One single-character fullbody request and 396:points:/1-month premium dA subscription

Third Place: One single-character headshot request and 100:points:

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Open for Commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 6:48 AM

Commissions are still open!

I have 5 slots available presently.  Read on for what I'm offering.

Commission List


My estimated turn around time is usually 1 week, depending on my work.  Usually, it is MUCH quicker than that.

:star:Payment is only accepted via Paypal.  I expect payment before I start work.
Prices are all USD.

For physical works, please add $1 for shipping within the US and Canada. Overseas, please add $2.

:star::star::star:If you're interested, please send me a note with details about what you'd like!  Reference pictures are always helpful.
If you want something different from what I've listed here, please let me know! I'm also open to most other types of work (save for comics).

Watercolor ATC: $12 ea

You can request that your watercolor piece have some sparkle added to them!  (Free of charge, of course!)  Just ask~!


Anuenue by kabocha70. 67% by kabochaDream Catcher Elizabeth by kabocha
Sun and Moon by kabocha

Watercolor Artist Tile: $15 ea

These are about 4 inches by 4 inches.  They're kind of neat to work with!

Keiko by kabochaCiel by kabochaFritz by kabocha

In most cases, these would have simple backgrounds, and not be very complex.

Watercolor Bookmark: $15-20 ea

There's two different sizes.

Small is approximately  5.5in x 1.625in (14cm x 4.1cm) - These cost $15
Large is approximately 7.125in x 2.5in (18.1cm x 6.3cm) - These cost $20

Depending on the complexity of the pose, detail, I may or may not create a cutout of the character.

Comes in a sleeve with tassel. :D

Lady Chaos by kabochaAura by kabochaCharlotte by kabochaKatrina by kabocha

Marker ATC: $10 ea

These typically won't sparkle, unless you want me to put some iridescent medium on it.

Noel by kabocha Cards! by kabocha44. Two Roads by kabocha

Marker Artist Tiles: $12 ea

I do not presently have an examples.  BE THE FIRST TO GET ONE!
They're the same size as the watercolor tiles.

Marker Postcard / Greeting card: starting at $15 ea

The postcards are done on A6 size paper.  :D
The back or insides of these are left blank.

Creeper gonna Creep by kabochaLords Shuja and Shumei by kabocha

If you need a complicated background or scenery in this type of image, the price may increase.  Make sure to let me know what you want!

:bulletwhite:  Please be advised that I retain the right to turn down a commission for any reason.

I will not draw explicit (adult) material.

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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 9:09 AM

I'm back!  Sorta.  Kinda.
Holy hell, my messages.  It might take me a while go to through them, and even so, my time's still a bit crunched. ^^;

Anyway. I joined dA almost 11 years ago (I think I'll hit that point next week), at the wee age of 15.  I was brought here by demonmako ...Sadly she's not around dA anymore as far as I know.

I didn't really get active until 2005-2006, when I was finishing up high school.

I don't have the things I posted first in 2003 anymore, but I still have my old, old post from '06:
You JUST don't do that by kabocha

Drawn during Physics class, of course. :D

Over the years, I met a lot of people through dA -- and found out some of my buddehs from elsewhere on the internet / IRL had dA accounts.

(By the way, here's some of the awesome people that I've come to enjoy over the years - in no particular order!)

:iconacidangels: :iconyuninaoki: :iconkinnohitsuji: :iconscreentones: :iconluciole:
:iconjazeki: :iconmysticalpchan: :iconloomcomics: :iconashikai: :iconperiwinkleimp:
:iconlyritwolf: :iconmamuemu: :iconrobokiss: :iconthatdarnkat: :iconfshounen:

And I drew a lot of things, mostly for other people.  (And made brushes.  2007 - 2008 was a very busy year for me, apparently...)  I prefer to focus on the art, so let's pick one "good" piece (that I like) for each year since 2006 (if there is one present).

Veled by kabochaB2S - Contest Entry by kabochaWinnie and Azrael by kabochaMagic Manami Page 3 by kabochaArina by kabochaBlair by kabochaLove, Annotated by kabocha70. 67% by kabocha

...I don't have a favorite for 2014 yet.  The year's not done.

It's kind of interesting how things have changed.  Way back when I started, I was completely opposed to using tools such as "Dodge"... Mostly because it looks tacky.  (I think I've figured out how to use it somewhat tastefully now, though, right?)  I've also moved on to traditional media, too, though I don't tend to upload most of those images.

So, um, yeah.

That's it.

I will probably upload things later, since I have been doing things...

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Photoshop 7 Support

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 23, 2013, 9:41 AM

OK, so, it's been a while since I've said... anything.  (6 months, roughly...)

I'm sure some have noticed that my latest brush sets don't work in Photoshop 7 (And maybe even CS).

Why?  There's a lot of reasons, but the clearest way to say it is that I don't support Photoshop 7 any longer.

Image packs have been released through my website alongside brushes which are noted to have problems with older versions of Photoshop.  (If you have CS2 or newer, you will probably not encounter a problem.)

You can view those brushes here: Downloads @ Nagareboshi

(Image packs may also have materials not present in the original brush set -- so they're a good deal for downloading!)

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Thank you~!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 26, 2013, 6:34 AM

:heart: Thanks to everyone who made yesterday awesome.  :meow:
I had a great birthday!

I'm now going to stand out on my lawn and yell at some imaginary kids.
Wait, I don't have a lawn. ...Boo.

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Feature Thingamabob (9/10 spots taken!)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 12, 2012, 9:51 AM

Leave a comment, get a 3-work feature.


1.  :iconsabre-night:
Periwinkle Pony by Sabre-Night Momoconpics 3 Expert by Sabre-Night Emma Standy art by Sabre-Night

2.  :iconaisazia:
GA: Blood Raevyn by aisazia Issy Dragon Baby by aisazia Ziava Character Sheet by aisazia

3.  :iconloomcomics:
Vampire Hunter Jude - 22-23 by LOOMcomics :thumb209531677: :thumb133781936:

4. :iconacidangels:
Speckle by acidangels Water Shrine by acidangels Control by acidangels

5. :iconyuninaoki:
Halloween Windows 2011-All by YuniNaoki Prize: Lolita Lysette by YuniNaoki Prize: Aria by YuniNaoki

6. :iconashikai:
Old--Pendulum strike by Ashikai Arina from Kibou by Ashikai Watercolor Action Test by Ashikai

7. :iconmysticalpchan:
Happy Valentines by Mysticalpchan Collab: Anomie Preview by Mysticalpchan Tidal Fishes by Mysticalpchan

8. :iconkmccaigue:
Kiriban Ashenee by kmccaigue Tiger Lilies by kmccaigue LordVepar Contest Entry by kmccaigue

9. :iconerik-tan:
Goldfish Scooping by Erik-Tan 100 theme no.11 Memory by Erik-Tan +Tribute for a Fallen Friend+ by Erik-Tan




Journal Entry: Wed Dec 7, 2011, 6:26 PM


Oh, dA.  Let me embed youtube links, pl0x.


Here's a video of it in action.  It has no autonomy at present, so... it hits things.…

And there I am with it.

I'm going to work on another robot today.  ROBOT SOCCER.  (It's a final.)

It works!

Mostly.  The batteries are dead, and I still have work for tomorrow, but... AAAAAH.  I will have something demo-able.  This is awesome.

I can finally sleep some.

...Finals are next week, though.  :|  I don't know if I'mma pass one class, but I have to talk to the teacher to find out.  x_x;
(Never do 18 credits + work + major, semester-long project and expect any time but WORK AND SLEEP.  Just don't.)

(But seriously!

Java client, C++ peer, C++ server! :D :D :D
SOCKETS.  (I honestly didn't understand them before I had to use them practically.)

It'd be better if it took natural language, like I'd wanted initially, but hey...)

...also, it has a name, and it is Mercury.


My robot's all the way on the left.  :meow:

The faces are done with tape.

If you're curious about these robots, then you can check out...  The Smurv Robotics Platform!
The price of all those parts are mostly cheaper now than they were when this page was created. :D

You can get away with getting a cheaper version of the iRobot Create; and if you know what you're doing, you could potentially substitute the mini case on top for a netbook or something.  It depends on how much power you want to use...


Features! :D

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 21, 2010, 9:50 AM

To those of you who commented on the last journal, thank you~ XD

:iconjacquelynfisher: jacquelynfisher
Coffee 'n Cookies Ads by jacquelynfisher  Exotic Painter by jacquelynfisher Element - Wind by jacquelynfisher
Jacquelyn is a pretty nice person, you see.  Her interests are pretty varied, too.  :D  So, it only goes to say that well...  Her gallery has some interesting things in it~.  (If you want to see some Desert snow, she has pictures of that, too!)

:iconzerorinas: ZeroRinas
Demon and FairyI sat around a campfire, eating mum's delicious homemade double chocolate apple cake in the woods when my dad began to tell me the story about a demon marrying a fairy.
"Are you daft, you old fart?" I said. "You mean a demon, the illegitimate offspring of Jerry Springer, and a fairy, the illegitimate offspring of Reese Witherspoon, can actually marry? Have you shacked yourself in France?" In his almost boring, monotone voice, he replied,
"It's a story I've heard…around these parts, lad. Will you just listen?
"A long time ago…it has been said that there was a demon resurrected by the gods after it was killed in a long war back in the Dark Ages…when it came back it was attacked by the Holy Seven, a group of warriors skilled in the magic and weapon arts, trained specifically to defeat it. It was a long, arduous battle, one that lasted almost a week…but the Holy Seven prevailed, leaving the demon to die in the rain.
"But…minutes after they left it, a beautiful huma
Roy Marboyd Sketch 2 by ZeroRinas Naito"Can you fight, Master Naito?" asked a robot to an old man lying in bed, the man's eyes driven but his face fading, weakening.
"…I…can…fight…" he said, voice weakening. "I…must…save…the Queen…"
"But Master," said a black haired young knight, "You can hardly move right now! If you try to fight again-" Naito grabbed his hand.
"Parnell…I…for…years…must…always…protect…Queen…" Naito's voice declined. Naito's hand rested on Parnell's hand.
"…Goodbye, Master…"
"Is it time?" asked the robot, holding a red orb. Parnell nodded. The robot placed the red orb near Naito's heart. It latched onto his body. Energy swirled around, changing Naito's body completely.
"Parnell!" yelled Naito, clad in blue armor, rising from bed and wielding a large blue, symbol embroidered sword, "We ride to the Castle!"
"Get out of our way!" yelled Naito, slashing his way through enemy soldiers. "Parnell, pick up the pace!"
"Yes, Mas

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Rinas in person, and he managed to psych me out pretty bad when I DID meet him.  I was all ...  "Heeeeeeeey!!!"  when I realized it was him.   That all aside, he's a pretty good writer, and he seems able to put up with temperamental writing partners. XD

:iconcyrusaiden: CyrusAiden

This guy is a dork who doesn't have anything in his gallery.  :P  He could totally put some of his writing there.  Also, he needs an icon!

:iconloomcomics: LOOMcomics
:thumb133175335: Vampire Fetish: Jude Daydream by LOOMcomics Rainshadow: Seria by LOOMcomics
Let's see.  Loomy.  I met Loomy through webcomics and Manga-Apps.  Turned out, she's pretty silly, AND pretty awesome.  So, naturally, I like talking to her.  I also like drawing certain men from Vampire Fetish in dresses.

:iconobsailorstar: OBSailorStar
Elazul FF6 Sprite Sheet by OBSailorStar Olbohn FF6 Sprite Sheet by OBSailorStar Pew Pew by OBSailorStar
She probably didn't think I'd ninja this in, but HAH.  :mwahaha:  She mainly does pixel work, but hasn't really done a lot in a while.  Hm.

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7 Years?!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 15, 2010, 1:15 PM

Holy crap, that is a long time to have been here.

So... I've been on dA since I was... 15.  Wow.

My first watcher was demonmako, who I haven't seen in a while.
I don't believe I got active until about 2006...

Some time between then and now, I got into converting brushes for Axeraider70!  GASP!

As of this writing, my most recent watcher is MasterFudgePop!

I've also gotten involved in some really interesting things - like Manga-Apps, and gotten back into drawing my webcomic, (Kibou).

Additionally, thanks to Taures-15, I have a premium membership!  :D
Other kind people ( OBSailorStar, ZeroRinas, RingoStarr911, AdriDaHen, and Ninja-Productions ) donated to help me collect points to gain a 3 month subscription!

It's been an interesting ride.  ...One filled with brushes, doodles, and the occasional spyware deal. :P  (At least until I got AdBlock Plus.)

Here's to perhaps more time here...  And DEFINITELY more time over at… (MangaBullet)!  :heart:
(If you guys haven't been there, you really should take a look at the community!)

...And as a bonus, here's a shout-out to a few other people you might like to check out (in no particular order):



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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 21, 2010, 7:45 AM

Sooo, the mini-contest over at Manga-Apps has come to a close!  :O  Shocking, I know.

We had many, many good entries, and now it's time to award the features!
Sorry it's taken so long to get this up -- I've been a bit... uh...  Preoccupied.  Anyway...

I'm gonna leave the features in my journals for a month, at least...  So...  Wooh!  :D
Congratulations winners, and I hope everyone who participated in the contest enjoyed it!  I hope to see many fun entries in the BIG contest for Manga-Apps!

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It's Very Busy!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 4, 2010, 8:21 PM

SUPER EDIT: H-holy cats!  I just now noticed that someone (Taures-15) just bought me a premium membership!

(The email apparently got sent to my junk box, but... Wow!)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
I've started on an absolutely bare-bones skin, as you see...  So uh... Yay?

:bulletred: As... As for everyone that donated points...  What... would you have me do with them?  Since someone did this kind thing for me, would you prefer a refund, or would you rather me keep them and use them as I see fit?  (Most likely for the benefit of Manga-Apps or perhaps tacking on another 3 months -- in case you're curious.)


Okay, business outta the way, first:

:bulletwhite: Finish converting the missing brushes of Axeraider70
Now, you all might have noticed there's a set that's not going to be some brushes in my gallery.
Why?  Weeeell.  Look at this:… (PS7 Brush Pack)

Read the description~!  They've been converted, they're just not in my gallery.

:bulletblack: Been drawing, as you've all seen.  Some stuff is here, but if you wanna see other things...  Go check out my… (MangaBullet)!

:bulletred: Contests over at Manga-Apps
Current Mini-Contest (4-Koma Challenge)
Challenge: Draw a 4-koma that in some way includes at least one of our club mascots.
Deadline: July 13th, 2010!
Prizes: Art Requests, Features
More Information:… (Here!)

Big Contest
Challenge: Create a manga oneshot based upon the prompts posted in our blog.
Deadline: September 15th, 2010
Prizes: Art Supplies, Journal Features, etc.
More Information:… (Here~)

:bulletyellow:  Oh, if you're going to Otakon... Well, I'll be there.  So, who's going~?

:bulletblue:  You know, I'm really close to my points goal!  I still appreciate donations, however!  As usual, 100+ points gets you a sketch!  (That's only $1.25!!)
Remember that you can use llamatrade to get points!

:bulletpurple: On another note, I've also started updating my comic (Kibou) again!  It's only once a week for the time being, but hey!  Better'n nothing, right?

So that would be it for now. :meow:

Just noticed this spam I got somewhere, and I thought it was funny:

So everyone knows that it would seriously hurt if you did get shot right there but your not exactly going to have a serious chance of getting killed so it’s much more sensible to have a bullet proof vest rather than pants, plus you may have to put something pretty heavy there so it might way you down a bit :P

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Okay, okay, okay.

So, I have a to-do list here:

:bulletwhite: Convert the newest brushes by Axeraider70  (GASP!)
:bulletblack: Draw more
:bulletpurple: Maybe make another screentone brush set (Suggestions?)

...I'd do more bullets, but that's all I can really think of for the minute.

As for other things...

:bulletpink: Contest over at Manga-Apps
Challenge: Create a manga oneshot based upon the prompts posted in our blog.
Deadline: September 15th, 2010
Prizes: Art Supplies, Journal Features, etc.

:bulletred: A special PSA of sorts : TAKE CARE OF YOUR HANDS!

:bulletorange: Speaking of hands, mine is doing better. :D  For those who weren't in the know, I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel back in October/November, and there was also a bit of ulnar nerve entrapment going on.  The nerve entrapment has been mostly resolved, and I can finally USE MY PINKY AGAIN! :heart: :heart: :heart:
You never know how important silly little fingers are until you've lost feeling in them. ;)  Now, to see how long this lasts for...

:bulletyellow: On another note, I'm starting up a donation pool to help me get a 3-month sub.  Anyone willing to help out?  :O  (636 points necessary!)
Anyone who donates 100 or more points will get a sketch~! :D
ZeroRinas ~ One Fear
OBSailorStar ~  :meow:?

:bulletgreen:  ...Also, does anyone else have issue with the way that dA does their sales pages?  Instead of showing the "free" stuff as having nothing, how about compare the features, and show people what they have AND what they might be missing out on?

:bulletblue: Yes, I did totally abuse the bullets just to have all the colors shush.
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Okay, here goes!

Club Stuff:

:bulletred: Manga-Apps is having a contest!

Challenge: Create a manga oneshot based upon the prompts posted in our blog.
Deadline: September 15th, 2010
Prizes: Art Supplies, Journal Features, etc.

Check this blog for more details.

:bulletorange: Please help, if you don't mind!

Manga-Apps is trying to become a Super Group!  As you're probably aware, this is expensive.

So, LOOMcomics has a pool going so that we can collect points and reach our goal!
If you don't mind sparing a few points, every bit helps!

If you don't want to spend your money and still help, PLEASE check out the Llama Trading Game!  Get points for giving Llama badges!  Simple, free, and ANYTHING you would be willing to spare with this would be greatly appreciated!

More Info


:bulletyellow: If you're not already checking out Original-Manga-Art, you might want to!  :D

Other Stuff:

...No, there's not much that I can think of...
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Hey, people.  Relax about the viruses.

As common as the scares are, if you're smart about how you go around the internet, you're not as likely to be infected and affected. :)

(And if more computer savvy folks are readin' this, feel free to add suggestions and ideas of your own...

Or just skip down to the original entry.)

There's a nice little hoax going around that goes like so:
If someone by the name of Alfred Hundana (dragon_heart620) wants to add you to their list, don't accept it. It's a virus. Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it, too. It is a hard drive killer and a very horrible virus. Please pass this on to everyone on your list. We need to find out who is using this account. Sorry for the inconvenience. Right click on your group name of your buddy list and click Send Message to all plz.

Few things I'd like to point out here:
:bulletred:You can't get virii from people adding you to their friends list.
That's almost like saying... You can get sick from someone adding their phone number to their address book.
    :bulletgreen:You can't get a virus from them sending you a note, either. ;)  However, if they send you a link to an external website, or tell you to download something, you could get a virus from that.

:bulletred:An account in and of itself cannot be a virus. :XD:

:bulletred:The only "virus" here is the fact that this is being propagated across deviantArt by unknowing users.

Knowing this, however...
You can still get a virus through a multitude of methods - online or offline.


A lot of virii acquired from browsing the internet often come through various exploitable points in a browser.  If your computer can support it, upgrade or change your browser.
Try to avoid using IE 6 (the default browser with Windows XP) as it is an easy target for malware.
If you must stick with Microsoft, go for IE7.
Otherwise, Firefox is recommended, though there are others like Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome to try out.

Don't run an executable unless you are sure you know what it is!
Especially avoid files that you get over IM -- if someone says they are sending you a picture, and you get a compressed file with an .exe inside -- DO NOT RUN IT.

Have a virus scanner ready -- If you can't afford something commercial, AVG is not bad - and it's free!  Avira is another one that's been suggested to me, but I haven't given it a shot myself. ;)


The best "cure" is prevention, of course, but there comes a time when even the most safe users get infected with some sort of malware - be it virus or otherwise.

First -- Back up your files.  Now, while a full computer backup is fun to do, it's not always the best option!
If you're stuck for space or doing it by burning CDs - pick the files or directories that you feel are most important to you.
When your computer is 'clean,' do not open any of these files -- just insert the media (CD, USB drives, etc) into your computer and SCAN IT.  There is always a chance that something got infected.

Next -- Run a virus scan.  Srsly.  Break out the software.
If your computer is stable enough to go on the internet and you don't have anything, Trend Micro's House Call has never been too terrible to use in the past.

If you are running Windows and can actually restart your computer:
Restart in Safe Mode.  Srsly.  Do it.  (Usually it's done by hitting "F8" before the Windows logo appears during startup.  Google if you're not sure how to do it.)
Run that virus scan there -- If you got something else, that'll help enable the malware removal software remove it.

If your computer is back  to "normal" after this, that's good.  If you're running XP or (bleugh) Vista, you may want to run a System Restore.

Worst case scenario:  Your computer is toast.
Not so bad scenario:  You have to reinstall your OS.  Backups are good for both scenarios!
Good Scenario:  Things are usable and functional.

Unfortunately, I'm not a computer repair specialist -- this is just the most basic of information for keeping things 'safe.'
I will not diagnose or repair your computer. DO NOT ASK.

Now let's stop with the hoax stuff, plzkthx.

---Original Entry---

Okay, so, I'm almost at the 33,333 mark!

I actually hadn't noticed that I hit 30k pageviews until today, which might be just a little sad, but... eh!  Who cares!

So, I'll put this forward~
The first person to get a screenshot of the 33,333 pageview on my userpage and send it to me in a note here will get a single-character request~ :D

Ooh, I also forgot to mention:
31,337.  catch it and get a sketch. :D
:bulletyellow: Caught by OBSailorStar  :P Sneaky, sneaky~
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Okay, so, I dunno how many people go checking Nagareboshi, but I am supposed to have it back up on Tuesday.

:|  That ain't happening.  There is no way I can reasonably get the backlog of comics I wanted for Kibou and do the restructuring... And then get to the other comic I wanted to start ready... Ugh!  [It's going to be a slice of life... It was suggested a while back by Damier. >.>  I just need to do it.  College is funny stuff, y'know?]

Anyway, as to why it isn't happening:  I spent the past few days fighting with my registrar (a reseller through eNom, actually) to re-register the site.  While I can understand 24 hours, it took three days for them to get back to me - and it certainly only seems they did so after I filed a dispute with Paypal and contacted eNom.  So... Yeah.  Site work was put on hold, and now... I've got a bunch of homework.


Also, I know I promised things to people, and that will get done... Just... probably during late nights.
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Okay, since I'll have nothing better to do this weekend.

I'm gonna be spiffy-nice and...


5 slots, comment to get one.  Mind you, they're not likely to be super-awesome, but...  Sketches are sketches!

One sketch per person.
You must provide a reference image.
Please don't make it insanely difficult.

1.  :iconiris-angel:  - Emmy and Lynette
2.  :iconsilvercresent11: - Miyuri
3.  :iconobsailorstar: - Crystal and Kirn
4.  :iconsabre-night: - Computer situation!
5.  :iconotakuartistgirl: - Misa

That said, I'll be leaving sometime... around noonish, and getting back tonight!  If I don't respond, don't worry!

I'll hopefully post the sketches tomorrow, depending on how I feel.  :heart:

-edit: 2008/08/17 - Home late, too tired to do anything decent.  Tomorrow! (Monday, that is!)

-edit again:  (8pm-ish)  Been busy! :O  Working on iiiiiit~

-GAAAAAAH *pout*

My apologies!
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Materials Policy, List, and FAQ

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 5, 2007, 9:59 PM

This was formerly the Brush Policy.

Revised: 2014 November 28

This policy may be updated at any time, without notice.

Materials Usage Policy / Terms of Use

Materials are, for the purposes of this policy, defined as but not limited to:
Image Packs
Stock images

Unless otherwise specified, material produced by me (kabocha) fall under the following terms:

1.  Brushes and other materials are provided As-Is

This means that the the files you download are what you get.
I may update materials from time to time, as I deem necessary.

2. Usage

By downloading and using my materials, you are granted a non-exclusive license to use them in your works.  You can sell anything you create using my materials.

You do not have to report usage of my materials to me, but a link back to my deviantART profile or to is appreciated.

My materials may be used for both commercial and noncommercial purposes.

You, of course, retain all copyright to your creations.

3. Redistribution

I do not prohibit redistribution of my materials, so long as the following conditions are met:
1. The materials are provided to download, free of charge
2. The materials are properly attributed to me - either by a link to my deviantART profile or to

"Official" download locations
I can't make promises or control what's uploaded anywhere but or directly to my deviantART profile.
If you have problems with downloads that are from another site, I will not be able to assist.

Ivy by kabocha

List of Materials

Last Updated: 2014 November 28

This list may not necessarily be up to date.

I reserve the right to discontinue primary distribution of materials at any point in time.


Floaty Text Bubbles (Screentone)

Photoshop Shapes

Exclamation Textbubbles

Photoshop Brushes

Star Brush
Tone Shapes
Bubble Brushes
Spatters and Star
Misc Brushes
Artsy Brushes
Bursts and Blossom
Lace in Place
Graceful Lace
Keys + Cogs
Love + Shine
Ink Splatter Brushes
Tone Stars + Shapes Redux
Flower Power Brushes
Snowflake Brush
Odds + Ends
Junk Brushes
Leaf Brushes
Monthly Romance Brushes

Shoujo Series:
Shoujo Wonderland Brushes
Shoujo Effects Brushes
Shoujo Stars Brushes
Shoujo Dark Brushes

Image Packs

Comprehensive List at

Ivy by kabocha


Bullet; Red May I use your brushes in my print / comic / other thing I'm selling?

Bullet; Orange Do your brushes work with SAI?
No.  SAI does not recognize the ABR format.  Its brush engine is also very different from Photoshop.  If you want to use my brushes in a program like SAI, I'd recommend using the image pack, and pasting them like stock.

Bullet; Yellow Do I have to tell you when I use your materials?
No, but I do like seeing what's done with the materials I've made!  Feel free to share!

Bullet; Green What are the "Converted Brushes"?
These were brushes which were created by Axeraider70.  Years ago, we came to an agreement that I could convert them to a format compatible with Photoshop 7.  ...I don't have Photoshop 7 anymore.

Bullet; Blue Can you make your brushes work for versions of Photoshop older than CS2?
No, I cannot, and do not actively support it.  If you need to use my materials for older versions of Adobe's software, please use the image packs to create your own brush sets.

Bullet; Purple Would you be willing to make a brush set for me?
I cannot, unfortunately.

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All brushes within this list have been converted for usage in Photoshop 7.

All brushes on this list are the work of Axeraider70.
I am simply the converter.

All brushes on this list are in the order that I have converted.
This list will be updated every time I convert a set of brushes, along with my own Easy Brush List.

This list is for those that do not wish to use my EBL or search for through my gallery for any specific conversion.

Please remember to leave :+fav:s or comments at the original sets linked in the descriptions.

Be aware that you must follow Axeraider70's brush policy when using these brushes.


Winter Breeze -…
Nova Equinox -…
Destiny -…
S O L E X -…
Trance -…
Radon -…
Maiden Voyage -…
2Bit-Twilight -…
Psionic Storm -…
Odysee -…
900Kelvin -…
Lithium -…
Pier97 -…
Universal -…
Green Lotus -…
Inner Universe -…
Rise -…
Edge -…
Unstable -…
Fusion -…
Blackrose -…
Rush -…
Galactic -…
Genesis -…
Halo 3 -…

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I didn't really realize that people read Kibou, to be honest.

Yes, I check site stats once in a while, and yes, it is giggle-worthy to know that for the first time in years, I'm actually getting a decent amount of hits, but I really just didn't know other people liked my stuff.

(I already knew about people like acidangels, OBSailorStar, Timarius, and Sabre-Night actually checking, but they're all good friends of mine, you know?)

It was nice to have a certain deviant IM me and mention (during the course of the conversation) that they read my comic!  :D  (He also drew a guest comic for OMG that will be posted after we've finished this arc...)

I kind of wonder how many other people actually read it, but... That's something that can be found out another time, yes?
Just thought I'd share the warm fuzzies~ :heart:
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