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Prize - Sarah by kabocha Prize - Sarah by kabocha
Giftart Stamp by pumpkin-spice-desu
This is Sarah Gray for the incomparable LOOMcomics!

Finally, I finished the requests!

I feel a little bad that I used the cityscape background in Manga Studio, but I do like the effect I was able to produce here.  :D
LOOMcomics Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
I really love how the city turned out, especially the kind of stormy clouds going back on the horizon. The atmospheric perspective in those clouds -- great! It really reminds me of an overcast day with a hint of a storm coming. And Sarah cracks me up. She has a kind of confused, "Why am I even here?" sarcastic face going on! XD I love it! Thank you!
kabocha Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you like it~  :la:

I feel like I cheated a little bit on the background, since it's one of the stock images in Manga Studio, but it works SO WELL.

I kind of wanted to get a city-ish feel like with Noel, since the two of them are in the same story!  (I think, right?  ...Right?)

In any and all cases, thanks for giving me the chance to draw her! ^^  It's always nice to see more diversity in the comic world~!
LOOMcomics Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Nah, experimentation is free from cheating. It looks nice! Yeah, Noel's homemade zone is very urban landscape -- good memory! Sarah gets sucked into it early on, so it wouldn't be out of left field for her to be fighting her in it!

Yeah, this series has a lot of dark tones in it. Originally Noel was very light complexion, but a friend of mine altered one of her characters to look very similar to her, right down to adding pigtails and rollerblades to the design, so that was a huge catalyst in changing Noel's skin tone for me (I refuse to change anything else, though, since I love Noel & she's been one of my most prominent mascots; plus, her entire family is associated with wheels).

After that, I was acutely more aware there weren't enough dark-skinned magical girls -- you don't even see people as dark as me, usually, so I kept altering skin tones, and now almost everyone in that series is now sporting different shades, which makes me quite delighted. :D
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