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June 2015

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 10:22 AM

Thanks to those who dropped in the stream!  It was fun, and I'd like to do it again sometime! :D  (And I managed to finish a strip of Breakfast on a Cliff, at that...)

So, here's the last update I'll probably make on the kitten front:
They went home!

I got these pictures both Saturday -- Tux, waiting for his new momma to take him inside, and Abby, as she was waiting for her daddy to come pick her up. :D

20150620 112652 by kabocha20150620 193120 by kabocha

Trouble (now known as Tigerlily) is also quite happy with her new family -- and she keeps sleeping on people. ;)

Now I can actually take a nap when I get home!  I think I've fainted. 

Definitely streaming tonight at 10PM EST on my livestream channel!

I might take a couple of requests, so if you have something in mind that you'd like to see, please feel free to state it in chat!
I won't have any sound set up for the stream for various reasons, but please feel free to drop in!

Edit to add: Streaming now!!


So, I will hopefully be streaming tomorrow, at 10PM US-EST! Probably will not have any voice or music, unless someone specifically wants me to go over some tutorial stuff.

Unless something breaks, I'll use my livestream channel. If something DOES break, I'll announce it here ASAP with a new link.
Streaming 6/20/2015 @ 10PM EST

I will very likely be working on some doodles and comics (Breakfast on a Cliff, and perhaps some Love, Annotated... Or Linked, depending on my mood.) I might even take requests!

Also, on the kitten front -- Tux and Abby are going home soon! :D Tux came up clean, and will hopefully get his distemper vaccine tomorrow. Poor guy. He's really going to have something to whine about tomorrow! :XD:

Do you like magical girls?
Do you enjoy drawing?
Do you want a chance to win some free art?

You should consider entering this contest for Confection-Cuties-FA~
Contest: 4th of July/B-Day Celebration! 3 EntriesThe Theme
School's out for the Summer and all of the Confection Cuties characters are excited about the big Fourth of July picnic/barbecue that will be taking place on Chelsea's farm.
The picnic is doubling as a birthday party for Chelsea/Confectionist Indigo since her birthday is on July 2nd. (for those who did not know; the American independence is celebrated on July 4th :) )
There will be lots of eating, playing summertime games, swimming in Cheslea's pool, gifts for Chelsea, and of course fireworks and sparklers once it is dark enough.
Your job is to draw the characters having fun at this picnic! Pretty easy, eh? :meow:

The Rules

Make sure at least one Confection Cuties character is in the picture -- though including your fan characters is a-OK!No tracing and/or bases! If you need reference material, check out SenshiStock!
No nudity or inappropriate clothing
Be creative!Have fun!! :D

Also, talk about a blast from the past:
Raiders of the Lost Critique by akreonThe Hitchhiker's Guide to Critique by akreon

I might do a feature thing later this week. I dunno yet. Brain is meeeelting.
Divider by Canzeda

Kittens are monsters. Tiny little adorable monsters!

I'm down to the last commission! Gotta finish that up tonight. After this, I'll be closed for commissions for a while.

So, as far as streaming... How about Saturday, around 8 or 9PM EST? I need to figure out if I want to be on livestream or picarto, I suppose. Or maybe Twitch?
Which is the better platform~?

If you have requests as to what you'd like to see me do, lemme know!
Divider by Canzeda

So, the kittens are clean of FIV so far. :)  Just waiting on test results on Tux.

Trouble went home on June 11, and her family is SUPER excited to have her.

Trouble at Home by kabocha

I'll get a picture of Abby (formerly Moo) and Tux today, since they're here with me.

I'm working on commissions some -- hopefully I'll be able to get finished this weekend!  Still dealing with family issues, but well.  That's life.

Also, I wonder... What would the interested be in joining me for a livestream some weekend where I'm working on digital stuff?  Mostly doodles and that, anyway.  I'll have to figure out whether or not which streaming platform is any good.
I'd also be willing to answer questions or maybe do constructive critique or something, if that's desired. :D

edit to add:

Tux and Abby being silly under their little scratchy... thing.

Tux by kabochaAbby by kabocha

Divider by Canzeda


The kittens are getting tested for FIV/FeLV tonight, and pending those results, will hopefully go to their own homes very soon! That's the good news. :)

This week has been rough so far, but at least it's almost over. I'll make sure to note those who have commissioned me with updates as I progress, but otherwise, I may be slow to respond to comments.

Divider by Canzeda
Sorry if I'm scarce this week. Work is going to be very busy, and this usually leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. @_@ Thank goodness I have a follow-up with the neurologist soon. They may have some tips or something that can be done for long-term recovery.

I'm going to be working on commissions as I am able. As I have updates, I'll send notes to those who are still waiting. :) My goal in the next two days is to at least have sketches. I should be able to knock out Jazeki's tonight.

I may also be playing Splatoon in the evening...! That game is tons of fun. If you want to add me, my NNID is FullmetalKitsune.

I don't have any new kitten photos (yet), but thankfully, the trio are hopefully going to their forever homes this week! (Pending FIV/FeLV tests.)
They're healthy and at a good weight for their age, and pretty much played themselves to sleep yesterday. :D
I can't wait to see how they grow up! Again, thank you to everyone who commissioned me (or considered it)!

Since I don't plan on fostering further kittens, any surplus supplies (eg: their crate) will be donated to a local rescue.

Divider by Canzeda

Going to mail stuff today!

For commissions, unfortunately it's not feasible for me to make it to mail things every time I complete a piece -- so for the time being, I'm going to mail things out in bunches, on the weekends.  Sorry for any trouble this might cause.

Also, there's some very interesting spam going out that looks like a phishing attack, or something to serve up malware.

For your own safety, DO NOT CLICK ON THESE LINKS.  If this was from deviantArt, or promoted by deviantArt, you'd all be getting Hot Topic notifications in the message center.
At minimum, they'll ask for an email address to spam you to hell.  In other cases, they may compromise your account or computer.

If you are concerned about your machine, Malwarebytes might be able to help.

To satisfy my own curiosity, I've browsed to these sites on my sandbox machine, which won't cause me any heartache if I have to nuke it from orbit.

1 by kabocha

(You can view the rest of the images I took in my stash...)

Divider by Canzeda
Still working on commissions.  Insanely tired, etc...  Work is very busy.  I tend to work best on weekends, and it is not yet Friday (but close).  I will probably also make a post office run on Friday night, as I haven't been able to do so yet.

One of the kittens, Tabby, passed last evening.
I don't know how I feel, except quite sad.  Tabby was a sweetheart.

The other three are safe.

Divider by Canzeda


I have a lot of commissions to do, starting tonight when I get home.

I have a little widget for commission information on my page, so that's where statuses will be updated.

Also, have a cat video my parents took while taking care of le kittens:

They're 6 weeks (going on 7) and will soon be ready for shots! Poor things are going to learn to hate the vet so quick...

We will use money from the commissions to help pay for food, since they were recently weaned off milk. With kittens this young, you usually want to give them a high-fat and high-protein diet, and moving them straight to solid food isn't ideal.
The money from commissions will also help to cover supplies, like litter, toys, etc. Kittens are really, really energetic and messy!

Thank you guys so much for your help!

While two have potential adopters, the other two may end up being taken under the care of a rescue I've worked with, which will cover their vet expenses (assuming they are accepted).

Anyway, that's enough about kittens for now!

Divider by Canzeda

To-Do List

Bullet; Black Feature with a focus on Color theory (Manga-Apps)
Bullet; White Start work on Linked (sometime)

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i'm friends with Yuni and I have never discovered your gallery until today and oh my goodness, it's so nice!
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Haha, thank you! :D

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I hope you like them! :D

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Aww, that for watching me back!
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Don't worry about how long it takes you to do a request~
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No worries!! :heart:
I am just glad you like how she came out :heart:

And thank you! :hug:
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