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July 2015

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 10:07 AM


So, I don't normally talk about my concussion outside of with friends, but DAMN. Some of the insurance issues I was having are resolved, and that's a BIG weight off my shoulders.

In other news, I've got recent pictures of Abby and Tux.

Tux was actually at my house for an afternoon to play. Little monster!

IMG 20150711 182131:nopm: by kabocha

Abby, on the other hand, is super photogenic.  She knows what's up.
Img 20150725 131252 by kabocha

Divider by Canzeda

I've finally started drawing comics that don't have Cinna or Chloe in them! :D (And some that do have Chloe and or Cinna, but hey, that's normal.)

Anyway, you can find posts of WIPs and such on my tumblr (which is also now blue and not purple).

So yep.

Also, y'all should check out this awesome Kickstarter for the webcomic Altar Girl. If you like shoujo manga, you may like it! You can read it online for free, too~

I bring it up because robokiss, the author, is awesome, and she also uses my brushes all over the place! :D

(and now, back to work! ALL THE WEB DESIGN!)

Divider by Canzeda


So much to do, so little time... The livestream went quite well! I might do another one next week -- I got a couple pages of comics sketched, plus some cute doodles.

It's interesting that deviantArt had a copyright discussion recently -- given that there's this whole Orphan Works thing going on in the United States.

The intent itself is good - it's meant to grant access to historical works (and perhaps abandonware) where copyright can't be determined. The problem is that it's not well written, which could be a legal nightmare for all sorts of people.

If you're in the US, you may want to look at this post, and then consider writing a letter to the Copyright Office to express your thoughts on this.

(Personally, I kind of like Canada and several other countries' way about it -- those aiming to use a work have to make a good faith effort to locate the holder, and then apply for a license to do so through the Government.)

Oh, hey.  That may or may not be worth fussing over.  Apparently it's a report, nothing is in process at the moment.

Still, it's good to read up on these things (as I clearly did not do so well).

Divider by Canzeda


I'll be streaming a bit at 8PM (about 20 minutes from now)!  Probably only for an hour or two -- there's a Splatfest... >_>  And I like winning.

Click on the banner to go to my livestream page!

There will be no sound on my stream.

Divider by Canzeda


If my time is correct, New Horizons achieved its closest point in the flyby of Pluto a little bit ago!

The idea that we were able to send something that far is pretty amazing. Some of the photos are really neat to look at, too!

Anyway, I still plan on livestreaming this Saturday. I look forward to seein' some folks there! :D Now that it's been suggested, maybe I'll actually work on Love, Annotated. Maybe.
Or maybe I'll draw stuff where Fox is getting dragged around and being made miserable.

Divider by Canzeda


Couple things:

1. I may stream some next weekend. Probably Saturday (July 18), from 8PM US-EST to whenever. No sound, as usual.
If you have things you want me to go over, let me know! Otherwise, I'll work on Breakfast on a Cliff and this dumb illustration of Fox.

2. RAFFLE! Free art!
I was initially thinking of doing this with ATCs, but after a day or so, I'm not in a mood to paint and go to the post office.

But I will let two lucky winners get a free digital chibi request with a transparent background.

To enter:
  • You need to be watching me
  • Comment on this journal with the phrase "It's like a donut hole" somewhere in your comment. (Points for hilarity! ...the points mean nothing.)
And that's it!

1. FeatherfromHeL 

I'll close raffle entries at about... 6PM US-EST tonight. And then I'll choose a winner using the random number generator. YEAHHH---
And then I'll do the chibis as I have time. ;)

:edit:  Woah, only one entry?  Welp!  Congrats, FeatherfromHeL, you win a chibi! :D
Maybe I'll do this again sometime~  Keep an eye on the journals!

Divider by Canzeda


No real update, but look at THIS:

Arina by AnonymousBlank

AnonymousBlank does nice work, eh? :D You should check 'em out and admire the awesomeness!

Divider by Canzeda

How the heck is it July already?!

Ah well.

So, here's a general update:

Kittens (yeah, I thought I was done!) are doing great! Tux is being a brat and likes laying in bowls when he's not cuddling with his new mom. Abby takes exception to laundry baskets, and fell in the toilet last night... Tigerlily is doing really well, and is apparently full of spunk. If I get pictures that are OK to share, I may.

Splatoon is fun. Anyone playing and looking forward to this weekend's Splatfest~? :D

As far as art goes, yeah, I haven't done much. We've had some crazy, crazy weather, and I need to get my car fixed to pass inspection. And the failure point is probably something dumb, considering the car's only 5 years old...)

Maybe I should draw something silly that isn't Cinna-based when I have a bit of time...

Divider by Canzeda

To-Do List

:bulletwhite: CC Prizes
Bullet; Black Feature with a focus on Color theory (Manga-Apps)
Bullet; White Finish pages for chapter 1 of Linked

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If you find you need image packs for some reason, I have them on my own site, too:
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Don't worry about how long it takes you to do a request~
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I am just glad you like how she came out :heart:

And thank you! :hug:
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